The World's Most Advanced Smart Locker System

Welcome to the Box24 Platform, the most sophisticated and effective technology available to help you connect directly with both new and existing customers.

The smart locker for your business! Our locker comes out of the box and ready to use with full functionality e.g. real time user notification, central dashboard for usage reporting, and user registration portal. Best of all, our after-sales maintenance team is always at your service. We have 3 types of lockers namely;
1. Box24
2. Lobby24
3. Custom24


BMS (Box24 Management System) is our cloud-based backend system that connects the app, the locker, and the operating system under one roof. BMS is not only a day-to-day workstation but also the business intelligence platform for reporting and red alert management.


BDS (Box24 Delivery System) is our cloud-based delivery system that encompasses route planning, real-time vehicle tracking, and driver management tools. BDS helps businesses optimize logistics productivity whilst keeping cost down and improve the customer experience in the process.